H-42 Product Instructions

Our patented formulation contains no chlorinated solvents and has a flash point of 248 degrees Fahrenheit TCC making this product safer than most other cleaners on the market. This product has a pleasant fragrance leaving cutting blades cleansed, lubricated, germ free and deodorized. Blade removal is unnecessary.

Directions for cleaning Electric Clipper Blades

Virucidal Anti-Bacterial H-42 Clean Clippers Safety Data Sheet

First turn electric clippers off, then brush hair and or other fouling particles from clipper blades, turn electric clippers on and submerge, spray, or apply cleaner to the cutting edge of blades. The oscillation of the clipper blades cause hair and fouling particles to be removed, clipper blades should remain wet with cleaner for ten minutes. Wipe with a clean towel and clippers are ready for the next use, clean and germ free without removing blades.



Directions for cleaning Styling Irons

We recommend you use safety gloves while cleaning irons with this product. Use when irons are warm (not hot). Unplug the irons before cleaning. Be sure to keep the irons at a downward angle as to avoid over spray contacting the handles, dials, and other electrical components or painted surfaces. After applying to the iron, agitate with an H 42 Clipper Brush. Once this is done wipe iron clean with a damp towel. To maintain irons apply a thin coat of H-42 Oil after each cleaning.